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With  over 12 years of massage experience, my focus is on medical & therapeutic massage. I've made it my mission to create true serenity and relaxation. Being able to get into a state of inner tranquility and peace can be achieved through various types of massage. My goal with each client is to utilize my education from Parker University in Dallas Texas, one of the leading chiropractic universities in the country, to not only create a sense of tranquility, but to help increase balance throughout the body. My previous luxury spa experience has been with the Ritz Carlton, Bliss, & Woodhouse Day Spa.



When it comes to massage, it is very important to know that everyone is different and customizing a massage to your individual needs is what’s key. The power of therapeutic touch, whether it is light, moderate, firm, deep tissue, trigger point therapy or energy work can create the sense of tranquility. This feeling is promoted by increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation and pain. This consultation will help direct the massage to put you on the best path to wellness.

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