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Yoga Balm is a soothing, minty, pharmaceutical balm that has an array of essential organic oils to promote core levels of healing throughout the system. Great for sore muscle, spot treatment, migraine relief and more. 

Yoga Balm

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Organic, hand-brewed, pure essential holistic healing blend is made in small batches. 1.8 oz

    *Certified Organic

    • *Organic Hempseed oil- regenerates damaged cells
    • Candelilla wax- vegatable wax
    • Indian Frankincense oil- detoxifies, promotes new cell growth, reduces joint inflammation; improves blood flow & stabilizes mood
    • Yakima Peppermint oil- most concentrated & aged peppermint avalable; warms & cools skin, opens pores, improves blood flow & releases stressed muscles
    • *Organic Olive oil- rich in antioxidents & essential fatty acids (EFAs), assits with inhibiting inflamation
    • *Organic St. John's Wort-stableized mood and ruduces joint & nerve pain
    • *Organic Plantain- rejuvenates cells and reduces inflamation
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